We lower your ACOS and increase your sales.

What is Amazon Advertising and how does it work?

Amazon Ads is Amazon’s paid advertising platform, previously known as AMS (Amazon Marketing Services).

It allows you to bid on keywords or categories of products searched on Amazon and advertise selected products from your catalogue.

Our advertising will deliver you incremental business value by engaging potential customers at the critical moments of their journey on Amazon. We will help you occupy the real estate within Amazon’s product search results.

We help you maximise your ROI on Amazon.

We use our experience on Amazon’s Advertising platform to lower your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) and increase sales.

We work closely with you to define a target ACOS, with maximum profitability an obvious focus. 

We set thresholds that allow us the flexibility to increase sales and product awareness that will help to win a greater share of your sector.

It’s not just about the advertising.

Depending on bids, budget and the appetite of your competition, we can position your product listings above the organic ranking products on Amazon.

This will increase the traffic to your product pages, leading to increased sales. These sales then generate revenue and are a catalyst to help improve the current organic ranking of your product listings.

We monitor this side-by-side to create a meaningful feedback loop between Advertising and SEO that capitalises on opportunities for both.

Our Amazon Advertising service drives revenue and lowers ACOS...

Account audit
We assess your existing performance and setup to identify quick wins.

Account restructuring
We build a bespoke structure that drives revenue and reduces ACOS.

Account management
We manage bids, adjust placement bids and streamline your Amazon Ads account.

...while identifying areas for future growth.

Continuous testing plan
We push performance further by testing keywords, product and category targeting.

DSP set up support
We buy display and video ads programmatically with an Amazon demand-side platform.

Opportunity analysis and reporting
We measure the impact of work delivered and provide insight to improve performance.

Get results with Amazon Advertising

Case Study

How we attained 411% Amazon revenue increase for Huggies® Baby Wipes

Find out how we drove huge revenue increases for Huggies® Baby Wipes products on Amazon, while also cutting ACOS by 82% year-on-year.

RocketMill has become an invaluable partner to Huggies® across digital, but in particular, paid search on all platforms.

Scott Bodie UK Digital Acceleration Manager at Kimberly-Clark
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Our Amazon Marketing Services.

Amazon Marketing Strategy

Define a winning formula for Amazon that compliments your wider marketing strategy.

Amazon Marketing Strategy

Amazon SEO

Optimise Amazon product listings to support performance and improve conversion.

Amazon SEO

Amazon Advertising

Shape the perfect structure and bidding strategies to maximise your ROI.

Amazon Advertising

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