We'll help you create the perfect information architecture.

Website architectures that work for people.

Solid information architecture ensures users can easily find their way through your site, understanding its structure and where they should go next.

We focus on making complex site structures simple by ironing out digital stumbling blocks to empower your users, delivering your commercial success as a result.

First, we understand what people want.

By analysing how people use your site currently, and what they are trying to achieve, we can uncover how to group, order and name information to enhance a user’s experience and achieve your website’s objective.

We can promote popular pages to make them more readily accessible, and make sure all needs are well catered for.

Next, we collaborate with your people.

We make sure to test any new site structure or organisation with real users.

Testing the grouping of sections and potential navigation systems, we make sure that the final outcome is intuitive for users from the outset.

With new categories and labels tested, you can be confident that users understand your content and how to find pages as well as you do.

Then we test our recommendations with real people.

At this stage, testing the digital product with potential users gives us an understanding of whether our methodology is working as intended. Here – through a variety of user testing tools – we will provide tasks for our users to carry out.

At this stage we often come across further insights that allow us to understand the thinking of potential users, and use these to improve the product further.

By carrying out this stage of user testing, we are diligently ensuring the user is consistently at the forefront of all design decisions, which allows us to reduce the risk of incorrect assumptions made earlier in the process.

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How we increased Bauer Media’s subscriptions by 42%.

Outstanding team performance from the guys at RocketMill. The turnaround we have witnessed over the past 7/8 months has been very impressive, achieving demanding targets but delivering this at a decent CPA.

Rob Litawski Bauer Media
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