Our video work makes people the stars.

Channels and formats don't matter. People do.

We know how much high-quality video production can cost, and we know we have a duty to look after our clients' investment.

Our integrated creative approach means video is considered within the context of your entire marketing mix, and we work collaboratively with our other teams to ensure we deploy video assets in the most effective way.

From simple product demos to 360° virtual reality video, we'll develop award-winning video assets and maximise their value across your campaigns.

Exceed people's expectations.

Video is becoming a necessity for forward-thinking brands – it provides a creative canvas like no other, and is one of the most effective forms of content marketing.

It’s also increasingly achievable on smaller budgets – all the technology you need to make a killer brand video is probably already in your pocket.

Before committing to the medium, however, you must find the best video marketing agency. One that will do the right research and planning, ensures your video marketing is connected to your wider marketing strategy, and will hit your objectives.

Why use video in your marketing?

Video is emotive and impactful, allowing you to express your brand in ways that are impossible with the written word. Consumption of video is skyrocketing, driven by ever-faster connection speeds, the ubiquity of smartphones, and increasing ease of creation.

Video can fulfil just about any purpose, as long as it sits within a well-defined content strategy. By making best use of all formats, you can provide the very best experience for your customers.

Our Content Marketing Services.

Creative Strategy

Define what creativity means for your brand

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Video Planning

Plan award-winning video campaigns with our Creative team.

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Video Production

Produce noteworthy video content, from social stings to long-form documentaries.

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Video Promotion

Find an audience for your video content.

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Case Study

How we helped IDG achieve record Black Friday traffic

Even when the subject matter gets very technical you don't feel bewildered or left behind. It’s great advice has been invaluable in helping IDG grow its traffic and its editorial strategy to become a market leader in its field. We would, and have many times, recommended RocketMill as a superb business partner.

Simon Jary IDG Tech Media
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How to Use Data in Your Content Strategy

A vital part of creative content marketing is knowing where data can be useful, where it can be a distraction, and where it can actually be detrimental. In this talk, Head of Content, Jon Norris covers where data can and should be used, and where you should put the data to one side and let your creativity take centre stage.


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