We maximise the value of every video campaign we plan.

We respect your investment.

Successful video campaigns begin with good planning.

Whether creating a video from scratch or repurposing an existing asset, planning is the critical first step to ensuring success is achieved.

We know publication is only the beginning. We plan iterative campaigns which maximise your return on investment by making the most of the assets we produce.

First, we get to know your people.

We need to know who we’re speaking to, and we’re experts in audience research.

We use a variety of quantitative research methods to understand people’s motivations and desires. We can supplement these with qualitative inputs such as surveys, focus groups or interviews.

Next, we select our channels.

Once we know who we’re targeting, we can identify where to target them.

By doing this in advance of production, the platform’s considerations are incorporated early on.

Do we need portrait or landscape video? Should we include subtitles? What length and structure would work best?

Then, we consider formats.

For any video strategy, it’s critical the right type of video is chosen to suit the intended purpose, audience and platform.

These can include product demonstrations, brand introductions, live event coverage and interviews.

We will define how you tell your story in video.

Our Video Services.

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Define what creativity means for your brand.

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Video Marketing

Captivate audiences with our end-to-end video production

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Video Production

Produce noteworthy video content, from social stings to long-form documentaries.

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Case Study

How we helped IDG achieve record Black Friday traffic

Even when the subject matter gets very technical you don't feel bewildered or left behind. It’s great advice has been invaluable in helping IDG grow its traffic and its editorial strategy to become a market leader in its field. We would, and have many times, recommended RocketMill as a superb business partner.

Simon Jary IDG Tech Media
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How to Use Data in Your Content Strategy

A vital part of creative content marketing is knowing where data can be useful, where it can be a distraction, and where it can actually be detrimental. In this talk, Head of Content, Jon Norris covers where data can and should be used, and where you should put the data to one side and let your creativity take centre stage.


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