We'll make sure a migration doesn't stop people buying from you.

An expert safety net to ensure your website migration is a success.

Migrating your website is a lot like moving home; the excitement of new opportunities tempered by the stress of managing logistics – and the worry that something could go wrong.

We act as guardians, ensuring your migration has a positive impact on your digital marketing activities.

First, we'll build your migration plan.

Our SEO and strategic teams will collaborate on a migration plan that works for your business.

First we’ll learn the purpose of your migration, be it a new look, an entirely new territory or a http to https migration.

Then we will prepare a comprehensive migration document: an essential point of reference before, during and after the move.

This defines every action needed to successfully migrate your website.

Next, we'll create a redirect map.

When you change the address of a webpage, links to the old address will break.

Because natural links play a crucial role in determining your organic ranking, this can have a catastrophic effect on your visibility and traffic.

We are experts at creating website redirect maps that bridge the gap between old and new addresses, to ensure users and search engines are rerouted without disruption.

We'll support your people through the migration.

Our SEO consultants will provide hands-on support as you transfer your website to its new location.

Following our guidance will help your site and traffic remain as stable as possible.

We'll then conduct post-migration testing.

After your site move, our SEO team will test your website to verify its integrity.

We will make sure addresses from your old website redirect to the appropriate location on your new site, and test for errors with analytics tracking or eCommerce functionality.

We will also monitor error messages and notifications from Google Search Console.

Our SEO Services.

Organic Search Strategy

Build a long-term strategy for visibility.

SEO Strategy

Site Migration

Protect visibility when you migrate.

Website Migration Service

Backlink Auditing

Assess the quality of links to you and your competitors.

Backlink Audits & Manual Penalty Removal

Keyword Research

Find opportunities and benchmark your performance.

Keyword Research Service

Technical SEO Audits

Diagnose faults and develop an actionable roadmap.

Technical SEO Audit Service

Site Architecture

Make your site a breeze for users and search engines alike.

Website Architecture & Navigation

Site Speed & Security

Take advantage of everything from HTTPS migration to AMP.

Website Speed & HTTPS Migration

Mobile SEO

Streamline your mobile experience to capture customers on the move

Mobile SEO & ASO

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