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Agency of the Year,
The Drum.

People first. It's modern marketing.

We are an agency built for today's economy. We no longer buy a piece of media to advertise to its entire audience.

We use data and technology to make choices about advertising to an individual in real time, with the right message.

Our marketing puts people first.

People first. Your customer is our most important client.

We believe creating value for brands starts with creating value for people.

Our ambition is to enrich the experience your audience has with your brand.

Our marketing puts your people first.

People first. It's our business model.

We do not subscribe to the shareholder value model. One that prioritises profit, with clients or customers second, and staff last.

This model encourages short term decision making and neglects a businesses most important asset, its people.

We know that if we inspire our people, educate them, be transparent with them, trust them and share the spoils with them - they will do the finest work of their career for our clients.

Profit is not a priority. It's the result of doing everything else right.

At RocketMill, we are employee owned, so we literally put our people first.

Our agency is trusted by global brands and ambitious SMEs.

We work alongside some wonderful clients, successfully building long term relationships.

We achieve this by applying outstanding performance marketing to deliver immediate results, alongside a longer term approach to help businesses mature in the digital age.