We behave as an extension of your team.
Treating your customer as our most important client.
This is what that feels like…

National Geographic

Sam Gallimore

“RocketMill really are part of the National Geographic team.

They get under the skin of the brand and are passionate about our objectives.

Nothing is too much trouble and they are always on hand to offer expert knowledge, even when it falls outside the digital marketing remit.”

Aldermore Bank

Ciara Cox

“Working with agencies can be a bit like driving  with a co-pilot. Sometimes you get a co-pilot  who uses a paper map to get you there. They start off directing with confidence but further down the road begin turning the map in circles to make sense of it. That makes you nervous.

If you’re smart though, you choose a sat nav to be your co-pilot. You tell it where you want to go, which routes you’d prefer and what mode of transport you can use to get there. The sat nav hears you loud and clear, maps out the best route, based on what’s important to you (quickest route? most economical?) and even sets itself a target for when you’ll get there. And on the way, if you get diverted? Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. Sat nav still knows how to get you home and it won’t stop working to do it in the most effective way throughout the whole journey.

Working with RocketMill feels like driving with a sat nav. You just know they’ll get you to where you need to be.

Sometimes I do mute that sat nav though, because while I fully appreciate and trust it, the last thing I want is Ben Garrity’s voice giving me directions while I’m smashing out a Beyoncé number en route.”


Zac Little

“RocketMill are a valued partner of Kimberly-Clark and we are delighted with the results that have come to fruition already.

We believe we have a great platform to build on with the RocketMill team, who we have found to be dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to helping us succeed.”

Gatwick Airport

Jo Patterson

“The thing I like most about RocketMill is that they care about Gatwick and as such feel like an extension of my own team.

RocketMill have been great partners for us along the way.

I would heartily recommend RocketMill to other organisations who value a personal touch and working with a group of creative, energetic and down to earth digital experts.”

Bauer Media

Hanifa Dungarwalla

“I really enjoy working with RocketMill.

They are innovative and constantly looking for ways to push and develop our campaign so that ‘we’ as a team can deliver above what’s required of us.

I appreciate that they’ve made me feel comfortable enough to see them as an extension of my in-house team, which is something that doesn’t always happen when working with external agencies.

There is full transparency and great communication which makes the experience of working with them really pleasant.“

Tchibo Coffee

Colin Morrison

“Having worked with RocketMill for over six years, we have developed a great working relationship with them.

Day to day, they are responsive, deliver exactly what they promise and work as an extension to our team, which is really important to us.

We appreciate their dedication to continuous improvement by challenging us and offering fresh new ideas to help us achieve our goals.”

Peugeot Citroën Finance

Faye Spurr

“RocketMill deliver a professional and personalised service, taking time to assess our needs and deliver a strategy in line with our goals.

They collaborate seamlessly with our business as an extension to our team, allowing us to be creative and agile in our approach.

More importantly, projects are tackled with enthusiasm, knowledge and care, giving us the ability to deliver time and time again.

They are a real pleasure to work with and instrumental to our success.”

Party Poker

Marcelo Bartelho

“Putting our players first was always our dream. With RocketMill, the dream became true.

Our marketing performance would not be the same without them.

Working alongside RocketMill is always a pleasure.

From a marketing strategy to a simple implementation, I trust them to put our customers first.”