We wireframe & prototype for the world's biggest brands.

Discover how we wireframe & prototype

We develop wireframe layouts that seek to overcome friction points discovered during our research.

Once the wireframe templates have been created, we ensure they work as intended.

The creation of online, interactive prototypes allow us to effectively experience how the digital product feels in its primitive stages.

We then iterate to ensure it meets your commercial objectives.

How we wireframe

We start this process by creating hand-drawn sketches of each module of information we intend to present to the user.

We then arrange these modules accordingly to try to understand the best fit.

This process is usually a group exercise, as many perspectives help establish a more neutral common ground.

Once these hand-drawn models have been agreed, we transfer these into digital form which we then present to all stakeholders.

We couple this with rigorous documentation, explaining our rationale and the intended outcome.

How we prototype.

To understand how our wireframes truly function, we need to create prototypes.

Prototypes allow us to understand if there are any unforeseen snags in the User Journey of the digital product being designed.

To create these prototypes, we use digital software that can be shared and tested by all stakeholders.

It also gives a visual reference to developers that they can use when building the interactive elements of the product.

How we user test.

At this stage, testing the digital product with potential users gives us an understanding of whether our methodology is working as intended.

Here – through a variety of user testing tools – we will provide tasks for our users to carry out.

At this stage we often come across further insights that allow us to understand the thinking of potential users, and use these to improve the product further.

By carrying out this stage of user testing, we are diligently ensuring the user is consistently at the forefront of all design decisions, which allows us to reduce the risk of incorrect assumptions made earlier in the process.

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